Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Benefits of Blogging

Blogging can make a difference in website traffic, increase website stickiness, improve Web visibility and improve your website’s organic placement. So what’s the down side to blogging?

The big problem with blogging for most people is the time needed to stick with it. Initially, posting to a blog is exciting and fun. After a while, it’s hard work to keep on topic, find interesting new information, and consistently write in an engaging style.

My experience with clients shows that blog abandonment is a real problem. Typically, after a month or two of blogging, our self-blogging clients simply tire of it; instead of blogging being fun, it becomes a chore taking them away from the needs of their core businesses. This is the reason that we created our ghost blogging services.

My recommendations:

1. Use Blogspot setup if you will be doing your own content writing and blog setup.

2. Use Blogger’s custom FTP blog setup if you will be using a custom template to match your website or want your blog posts to appear in your website’s local search engine results.

3. If you are really serious about improving your organic placement and not just Web visibility consider using custom FTP blogging.

4. Blog at least three times a week and space your postings out. We recommend a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. This will keep your blog’s RSS news feed alive in portals like My Yahoo. Posting every three days will keep your blog’s news feed from collapsing and resulting in the notice “no new posts in the last seven days” thereby turning off your RSS subscribed readers.

5. If you need help with blogging, get it. Employ a ghost blogger if you get busy. Don’t abandon your regular readers and have to rebuild your readership from scratch when you decide to return to blogging. You want to feed your readers and search engine spiders content on a regular schedule. Taking too long between blog posts will break a reader’s pattern of review and a search engine’s pattern of spidering your content.

6. Don’t think that a blog post can consist of one sentence and a link. You will never get a blog to work for you with this type of approach. Take time to create unique content that you would want to read.

7. Write with your reader in mind. A business blog is not the place for a personal rant on off topic subjects. Include keywords in your post title. Keep your content targeted and keyword dense.

8. Don’t lift content from other sites and pass it off as your own. You can quote a paragraph or two in your blog post and then link to the full content on the Web and not get caught up in copyright infringement. Don’t take someone else’s intellectual property and pass it off as your own in your blog even with a full reference of the content’s original location.

9. Keep your blog posts to around 250 to 350 words long. This is about two or three paragraphs of content. If you have a longer stream of thought, break it into multiple posts. Remember, high keyword density is easier to achieve in a shorter blog post.

If you are ready to start blogging but don’t know where to start, I invite you to contact us now. If you need professional help, we offer ghost blogging services, Blogger custom template design, and Blogspot custom domain setup services.

Blogging can be fun, increases your website’s traffic, improves your website’s stickiness, offers new keywords and phrases that search engine users can utilize to find your services, and improves your organic search engine page ranking. If you’ve been thinking about blogging, now’s the time for you to consider adding a blog to your website to improve your own Web visibility.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Ghost Blogging and Blog Copywriting Services

I urge site owners to blog regularly, but often busy professionals struggle to make it happen.

For busy professionals who understand the benefits of blogging, we now offer professional services to either write for you or supplement your own blog writing.

We now have writers performing ghost blogging services and have added new levels of service from which you can select. Here is a overview of our ghost blog program.

Quick Posts $25 per post (200 to 300 words)
This is a good choice for clients who require brief, daily posts. Our posts are well written and based on news, current events, and services that you offer on your website. Our writers still supply well-written pieces even at our beginning level of service. We do not perform any research on topics at this level.
Minimum one post per week for 4 weeks.

Standard Posts $45 per post (300 to 450 words)
The Standard level is rapidly becoming popular with our clients. Providing more time for our writers to be able to research topics and to supply detailed information in each post, this level is perfect for more difficult topics, professionals in legal fields, engineering, or the health care industry.
Minimum one post per week for 4 weeks.

Advanced Posts $75 per post (350 to 575 words)
This unique program is offered for the high profile executive or book author who wants full confidentiality of our services and pre-approval of all blog posts.

Premium Posts $99 per post (500 words)
This premium blog level is written by our PhD professional blogger in a researched authoritative style. Although not a good match for every site, this level provides a unique service for those who need it. Our blogger is selective of the site's she will blog for and when she will accept new projects. She is an outstanding writer and an experienced technical scientific writer.

There is really no replacement for you when it comes to blogging about your own business. Clearly you are the expert and can speak with authority. However, we have the professional skill to step in write on your topics in an engaging style that keeps your readers coming back and helps a blog really work for you!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Why Your Site NEEDS a Blog

After months of successfully blogging and ghost blogging for clients, we are pros. It is remarkable how much there is to know. Did you know that there are companies dedicated to nothing but producing blogs for websites? In some cases, the columns that you are reading aren't even written by the blog owner. We have 2 staffers now who work hard to study and emulate the famous authors they represent. Each day, they take nuggets of wisdom from their books and programs and tie them up into little blogs. 

And these authors have all experienced increased traffic and sales! We even found one client where we could verify that blogging helped improve organic search engine placement.

We've learned a lot about blog setup, how to blog, and how to structure blogs. Our data and analysis shows:

  • Blogs do increase website traffic.
  • Blogs do increase a website's "stickiness".
  • In some cases hosting your blog on Blogspot may improve your organic search results when compared to custom FTP blogging.
  • Blogging allows new phrases to match user search queries and blog posts act as entry points improving Web visibility.
  • Blogging appears to improve a website's organic search engine page position on Google.
Bottom line, if your website doesn't include a plan for at the very least weekly posts to your blog, you aren't doing all you can to promote your site. That's were we come in.